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Havant Borough Council have taken the following important decision, regarding the future security of the Hayling Seaside Railway

“Having been presented with a proposal by Hayling Seafront Railway to construct a new depot, the Cabinet considered a number of potential locations, which resulted in the Cabinet approving, in principle, the grant of a ground lease for a site at the Eastoke Corner Car Park. The grant of a lease was subject to lease terms being agreed, the Railway obtaining planning consent and the Council approving the Railway's final plans/funding arrangements for the new building”.

The full decision by the Cabinet of Havant Borough Council, can be found as Item No: 53 of their published minutes.


The Hayling Seaside Railway and it's Volunteers welcome the decision, and look forward to working with the Council, it's elected Members, Officers and Island neighbours. Towards a Planning Application, designed to ensure the future of the Eastoke Corner to Central Beachlands light railway service, that has become one of Hayling's leading tourism and leisure attractions. Laying the foundations for its eventual extension towards Inn on the Beach, Sinah Warren Hotel and the Hayling Ferry. Bringing additional footfall to the Ferry from Portsmouth, and to the Island’s coastal communities and businesses. By creating a facility that will be a credit to the Island, and an asset to it's future and its economy.

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